September 1


4\5 stone are conducting an experiment about chance.

Here’s our experiment


It can be Jack wins, I win or we both lose. so it’s basically  1\3 of us winning which is equivalent to 33 percent . so it’s 33 percent  for jack and I to win. None of us won

August 11

Runny Race

In 4\5 Stone we have been doing science. On Wednesday we did the Runny Race to test the viscosity of Water, Honey and Oil. Tilly and I both estimated that Water will be the fastest then Oil and lucky last is Honey. What happened. We thought right. Sadly lor shee missed out.

To do the experiment we needed to get 3 cups with pin holes in the bottom of the cup and filled them up equally. We also got some cardboard and made them and a ramp. We readied he cups and lifted our fingers of the hole and let the race began.




July 26

Fly’s Bad Day Out

 In writing I have been writing a short story, ‘Fly’s Bad Day Out’ I have edited it 3 times and this is my fourth edit so far. Sadly I have finished writing  my short story.




June 23

Writing a Post

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Do NOT do this on a blog or website.


Your full name

where you play

Your personnel Details

where you are

credit card info


You can tell people about this stuff on blogs.


Fav  footy team

What happened to you

What your going to do

what you have been learning

be Polite.




June 23

Our Sailing trip

Today and yesterday we had a very fun day because the upper school went sailing out at lake Eppalock  for the day. Firstly our group played on the grass area. the games we played are…

  • Captain says (Simon says)
  • Octopus (A tag game)
  • Wheel borrow race (People are the wheel borrow)
  •  Dipper race (life jacket)

 And many many more. Secondly our group Went in a classroom to learn about boats and water safety and never go on a boat alone.


Thirdly our group went sailing it was a little challenging at first to get the hang of steering but then it got easy. The boats we were sailing were Yachts.




June 23

Poetry x2

Haiku Poetry is a traditional form of Japanese poetry. It consist of three lines . It rarely rhymes.

1st Line-5 syllables

2nd Line-7 syllables

3rd Line-5 syllables


Still kitten is cute-5

Wagging its soft tail on grass-7

Yawning kitten lays-5


Cinquain Poetry



fast spotty

stalking, pouncing, Devouring                             

It runs after Antelope






Narrative Writing

One lived a fish so dumb called Dory,

She had no friends and she was poory ,

She lived under a rock where all her shame was,

She always gets lost and NEVER flossed,

She took the bus and a fuss because her name was Dory,

With that fuss on the bus she got a ticket,

She said thanks and went to see Finding Dory.